Refunds and Cancellation

Refunds and Cancellation Policy

In respect of payments made by the user to avail our services shall deemed to be upfront and we do not provide any option for cancellation of deals/or services you have once performed, subscribed or undertaken. Once a service has been availed by you, we cannot provide any refund, neither in full nor partial.

However, you are requested to go through the terms and conditions of Brew a deal Refund Policy before subscribing under any model which are available to User client who register and pay for deals through the Brew a deal platform (the “Site”). If you are a registered user and suffer an Issue where the deal viewed becomes obsolete resulting to loss of your credit points, then you are required to inform or intimate us at within next 3 working days and all the consequent actions will be undertaken by our supportive customer care unit.

Further we agree, at our discretion, to either

  • Reimburse you up to the amount/credit points paid by you through the Site, as determined by Brew a deal after proper verification of the aforesaid deal, or
  • Use our rational efforts to assess/direct you to get other effective deals.