Pricing Plan

Pricing Plan & Schedule of Charges

All the visitor/ user can freely access our website and can express their interest free of cost towards any deal posted by the other user or can post unlimited deals on our website without paid subscription. However, the complete details about the deals posted can only be viewed or enjoyed by the user once you get registered with us after the payment of Subscription fees as defined under heading User/Client Registration obligations.

Thus, this Site reserves the right to charge subscription fees as described in clause User/Client Registration obligations of the terms of services.

Your subscription cannot be assigned, sublicensed, distributed, shared, or otherwise transferred to anyone.

Schedule of Charges

Particulars Price
1 Credit Point Rs. 100/-
Minimum Recharge Amount Rs. 1000/-
Maximum Recharge Amount Rs. 100000/-
General Deal Price 10 Credit Points
Hot Deal Price 20 Credit Points