Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brew a Deal? How it helps us?

Brew A Deal is business match making platform for comprehensive range of business opportunities i.e. Franchise, Joint Venture, Merger & Amalgamations, Business Acquisition, Technology Transfers, Distribution and C & F Agents, Job Contract Opportunities, Sick Units Classifieds, inviting private equity partners and last but not least Turnkey projects to the Entrepreneurs. It provides a platform to its subscribers to get connected with different entrepreneurs by providing them with reliable database of options to explore the best of the partnering solution available as per their requirement.

What services are being offered by Brew a Deal?

Apart from 8 verticals, Brew a Deal offers a wide array of services which includes the following services:

  • Certifications/Verifications of Deals
  • Due-Diligence
  • Valuation Reports
  • Credit Reports
  • Project Reports
  • Pre-Transaction Services
  • Post-Transaction Services

Registration at

Registration at is free of cost.

Deal posting at

Deal posting at is free of charge.

Is there any subscription fees involved?

Yes, there is a subscription fees depends upon the model you choose.

Model A namely Subscription Model:
You may register with us in order to access and use certain features of our services on payment of the subscription fees. Under this model, the user shall be the sole responsible to present or post deals on our website and to undertake all the activities in pursuance to match making either through auto matched deals generated by system or interest received from other users on the basis of the specific requirements of the subscriber/user. That if you choose to register for the Services under Subscription Model, then all the information provided or circulated for relevant deals will be at user’s discretion and shall be the sole responsibility of the user. Thus any action or information provided by the user which results in disrespect or bring loss or damage to the reputation or interest of any third party, then all the consequences or claims shall be solely borne by the user itself. We do not get involved in user-to-user dealings or control the uses of participants on the Site. However we tend to verify the information/data shared by our user client but shall not confirm the authenticity of the information displayed by the user client. Hence we shall not be held liable for such loss or damage incurred either due to insufficient, wrong, unauthentic information/ data shared on our website or non performance of duties/obligations by the user or any such acts, deeds, words causing harm, loss or damage intending the wrong, deceitful, fake, false or fraudulent intentions of the user.

Model B namely Twin Model:
This model is basically a Subscription cum Brokerage Model. You may register with us and get the accessibility to our website and enjoy after subscription services on the payment of Subscription Amount. We extend our help by assigning a relationship manager to all the user/subscriber undertaking Model B. The role of relationship manager has been defined in such a way that the assistance/suggestions provided will enhance the chances of getting more compatible deals. It will act as a cost effective tool which widen the area of business operations for the user client by saving its time, labour and money at the same time. Under this Model, the user can posts their deals on our website disclosing all the details of the deals as per the requirements and our relationship manager through its in-depth knowledge and expertise will work on their part to get the best sorted Business Match Making deals. You may be required to express your consent by entering into a service agreement with (managed by Lawmax Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd.) and shall be liable to pay a mutually agreed amount of brokerage fees subject to materialization of the deals.

How simple is the process to get register & create my profile?

Registering on Brew a Deal is a very quick one-step process, taking not more than 10 minutes. The length of time to complete your profile is determined by the amount of your business-related information that is completed, or readily available. If a new user has all of their information and files ready to upload, the process should take approximately 10 minutes. Our platform is very accessible and user-friendly, so we are confident you will find the development of your profile to be quite easy.

Can all users view my contact information?

Brew a Deal will display only your basic information i.e. Industry, State wise location & job title for the purpose of search to be done by all users, whereas your contact information will not be visible to all but only those who have purchased the access can view it.

How do you assure confidentiality of my information?

Brew a Deal do not share your personal information with third parties

Who do I contact if I need help?

Submitting the contact form on our ‘Contact us page’ is the best way to get in touch with us or you may also email us at . The Contact numbers are also mentioned on our website.

How can I find opportunities on Brew a Deal?

The best way to find opportunity is to find your matching deal on your dashboard which u get after registration on Brew a Deal.

What I will do if I forget my account password?

If you forget password, do not worry. It’s easy to retrieve. Click on “Forget password”. Provide your registered member ID or email address whichever is submitted while registration. Our system will send email to your current registered email. Open an email and find your new password. However, we recommend you to change your password thereafter to prevent unauthorized access.

How I can change/ edit/update my profile information?

Sign in to Brew a Deal and click on to “my dashboard” on the top scripts. You will land up on your account page, where you can edit your personal information and submit changes by “my Profile”.

How do I search for other buyers/sellers/franchisors etc.?

There is a search option on the Home Page of Brew a Deal portal as well as on the user account page where user can search for other buyer / sellers / franchisors etc.

Why one should advertise on Brew a Deal?

Brew a Deal is a unique business portal which provides buyers, sellers, and brokers a platform on which all the products, services, offers or other deals are exhibit under one roof. On Brew a deal only registered and concerned persons who are willing to redeem the business opportunity can access the information which consequently increases the value of your deal and give you maximum number of visitors.

How do I contact the counter parties if I get an interest in my business listing?

Brew a Deal offers the users different Subscription Packages, if you subscribe the suitable package then you can contact the counter parties directly or you can call the Brew a Deal team for assistance.

Where can I see the listing statistics for my business transactions?

You can see the listing statistics for business transactions in your account page.

How to post my business requirement on Brew a Deal?

Brew a Deal provides the users a deal posting form. Link of the form is available with the verticals.