Who we are

Brew A deal is an untiring effort of Lawmax Management Consultants Private Limited (LMCPL).The company is comprised of large team of inter-disciplinary consultants who possess the extensive experience and professional skill to help out with various partnering solutions like mergers, joint venture, franchise, business acquisition , carrying and forward etc. Team of LMCPL is bestowed with high degree of knowledge and expertise while handling complex issues and is renowned for limitless dedication when it comes to being a part of project.

What we are targeting

Many a times people have brilliant business sharing opportunities but they are not able to execute them in the right manner as they are unable to find right match for them or some other inevitable hindrances are there. Therefore through "Brew A deal" we are targeting a smooth and hassle free environment for business persons to express their business requirements and interests and help them to find end to end solutions for their needs . Brew A deal is setting up a common platform whereby all entrepreneurs can post their requirement and can search best deals fulfilling their need.

Business Model

This is an E-commerce Portal which will act as a hub for the participants to search and choose their business partners as per their need. Participants will upload their requirements/credentials on the basis of which they may be considered by the opportunity providers. The entire gamut of professional service will include backend match making of requirements which will make the other person aware of that opportunity.

Besides, all these portals contemplate general public at large. We are unique as we specialize in providing our services to professional bodies and corporate and enable them in building strategic partnerships and thus endeavor to deliver measurable results against their required business goals.


Brew A deal strives to build a most comfortable market place for Entrepreneurs, Advisors and Investors to get introduced to each other and explore new business expansion opportunities each upcoming day.